You got me boys, you got me.

Crosswinds gave us a preview of their upcoming new single, “You Remember” and I gotta say, they spooked me. The very opening music and vocals sound like they’re underwater and I immediately thought, “Oh no. Guys, this isn’t done, I can’t even review this, oh no.” Bit then the song breaks through into full and clear audio and it’s really fucking good. I’ve only recently started to listen to more pop punk and I gotta say, this song totally sounds like something you’d hear on the radio or in Hot Topic. The melodies and vocals are in sync and the screamy bits carry heavy emotion and are placed well so that they make sense and it’s not just screaming for the sake of screaming. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else Crosswinds has for us in the future. This single, “You Remember”, will be released tomorrow on most music streaming platforms, so don’t miss it!

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