Using your powers for good: A Review of DeathSpeaker’s new lyric video

DeathSpeaker has come out with a lyric video to go with their song “No Lives Matter” ft. Chris Bowers and I really do like the lyrics and overall message of the song. Musically, I’m not a fan, but then again I’m not a fan of death metal. Good lyrics and great message aside, I didn’t enjoy the song, I honestly found the singer’s scream/singing to be obnoxious and the deeper scream/singing to be very edge lord. But again, this is my own bias with all of death metal, I don’t enjoy it, so you should definitely check it out for yourselves and form your own opinion (link to the lyric video is at the end of the article).

However, as I said, I liked the lyrics and the message is important. For all lives to matter, all lives have to actually, you know, matter. Until we can see, acknowledge, and bring an end to the suffering of minority groups, we can’t say “all lives matter”. I give DeathSpeaker huge props for creating and producing this song in a time of such insanity. So many artists “don’t want to get involved” or don’t want their art to be drowned out by their political views. Im gonna get real here for a sec and say flat out, i think thats a bunch of fucking horseshit. It’s not about your political leanings, it’s about human rights and real, true justice. And is it really about your art or is it about the money and the followers you’re afraid to lose? You think the Sex Pistols were afraid of losing their following when they released “God Save the Queen”? Use your art to make the world a better place. If you have a platform, use it to spread factual knowledge and positivity, to call out hate wherever you see it.

One last thing I will mention, is the line, “why do you call us n*s when you’re the ignorant ones”, I don’t know the band and have never seen them, but I would advise that if the band is all white guys, to be careful to not speak FOR minorities. Advocate, yes of course, and even better: support your fellow artists who aren’t white, but even if you as a white person have been called a racial slur, you’ll never know the real sting of it when you are in a minority group, so be aware of whether you’re trying to speak FOR someone or you’re advocating for them.

Overall, big props to DeathSpeaker for their courage to use their art to speak out against injustice and be sure to check out the lyric video for yourselves.

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