Unraveled Remastered: A Work in Progress

Paco is Desperate! Has just dropped a remastered edition of their album Unraveled today and it is available to the public. Last week we were given the album early to listen to and review. Now, I’ve listened to it and I have to be completely honest, I’m not a fan.

Paco is Desperate! Definitely has potential, but they also have a lot of work to do. The first few songs on the album really run together. I had a hard time realizing that one song had ended and another had begun, which makes it decent background music I guess. The songs start to differentiate more though and I do like that. Variety hooks people while also showing your audience everything you’re capable of.

The vocals on this album were very hit or miss. In just about every song, the vocals would start out okay, but then they just got too whiny sounding and started to sound more like the crooning of a waterfowl than singing, sorry guys. Every vocalist has their strong points and their weak points, so it’s important for them to know what those are and act accordingly (either not going in the direction where their voice doesn’t do well or working on it until they master it).

There were one or two songs that I thought were good, but it’s hard to know if I thought they were actually good standing on their own or if those are just the best sounding ones on the album. As I said before though, the band does have potential; I’m not saying they should pack it in, not by any means. In my opinion, the band just has a lot of work to do. Exploring different types of vocals (not replacing the vocalist), cutting out vocals that don’t work (again, the vocals, not the vocalist), and just continuing to practice.

No one is great at their art right away or even after a few years. Getting into a good flow with your craft and creating something that you and many people enjoy takes time, determination, and passion. Don’t stop playing, guys, keep working at it, you’ve got something there.

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