New Uber Grooves!

Guitarist Josh DeVigili & vocalist TJ Makara just released their new single, “UBERMENSCH”, and our team was able to get a first listen! The single was written by Berklee guitarist, Josh DeVigili, and singer TJ Makara. The beginning of the song is very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin/ Rush. TJ’s vocal range has very prominent feeling throughout, and reminds me a lot of Geddy Lee and Robert Plant mixed together. As the song progresses, you can hear both Josh and TJ’s natural talent. The way that the music flows in perfect synchronization with TJ’s voice is something you don’t always hear. It is clear to me why Josh is a Certified Master Guitar from Berklee College of Music, his unique riffs are obviously drawn from a variety of influences of classic rock, but the capability to keep the riffs interesting and complex is obvious. When you mix this together with the backing instruments, and TJ’s voice, you have this amazing whirlwind of talent and it displays itself prominently. This time around I was also extremely impressed with the mixing in this track, everything flows evenly and there is no drowning of the vocals or instruments, an obvious sign of progression and evolution. TJ’s lyricism tells a unique story throughout the song, which keeps the listener both intrigued, and wanting more, while also making them think. Finally, we have the dreamy solo which concludes this killer track, and is the perfect ending to this talent-overload, badass track! Make sure you check it out, I promise this track is something you want to hear, it’s sure to become an instant favorite!

FFO: Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet, Rush.

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