“Tunes for Tots” Weekend

Local musician Kyle Demko has tirelessly set up and planned a benefit for Toys for Tots in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton area this weekend. Our team caught up with him and here’s what Kyle had to say!

—What made you decide you wanted to participate in the toys for tots toy drive?

I love toys for tots, I think giving back is the best feeling and when an event like this can come together so smoothly, it’s hard to not wanna do bigger and better the following year. My parents worked hard for my sister and I and they would always tell me to tell Santa “don’t forget the less fortunate” so having the ability to put something like together makes me feel an obligation.

—How easy or difficult was it for you to put the whole benefit together?

Honestly putting the event together isn’t hard, it’s a little time consuming getting everyone on the same page, because it’s still a young event and we’re figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Getting the bars on the same page was the main focus because them normally basically being competitors, we had to work together…it’s a community everyone knows each other in the bar scene so it’s cool to share a common goal for a night. I think everyone involved is very excited. So it makes it extremely easy for me to coordinate.

—Do you think that your roots here is what drives you to continue to do shows out this way?

I’m from the area and I have so much pride to be a part of a music scene where everyone’s constantly rooting for each other. This area is saturated with talented musicians and artists so bringing everyone together for an event around the holidays is perfect. Everyone’s out playing their own stuff and grinding, so when we all get to be on the same couple blocks, getting to see each other, it made it very easy to bring everybody on board with this one.
I always laugh and make the joke that I’m not the best musician or the best singer or anything like that, I just have so much fun doing what I do when it comes to music. I’ve surrounded myself with people that are overflowing with talent, like Marcus and Mike from wells, Ken Norton, Tori, and Frank, and everyone else, that it’s inspiring. We can do so much. So we hope this is only the beginning.

—What’s the future of Always Undecided?

The future for AU is up in the air lol I still play acoustic stuff at bars and what not but after Covid it’s been nothing crazy. I just like playing my own music so any chance I can get to showcase that I’m gonna take it, otherwise just grindin.

—What do you hope for this holiday season?

I just hope for more holidays with my family and Rachels (my gf) family. The older I get the more I cherish it so I’m grateful for that. Funny how the older ya get the less that’s on a “list” of stuff you want or need and more focused on seeing everybody.

—Where can we catch the Toys for Tots benefit and who is playing?

I’m just excited for this weekend because I love these bars, I love the musicians, I’m so greateful everyone decided to lend a helping hand. I like doing this kinda work. We can all do better and be better. Costs nothing to be a good human. Be kind!


Beer Boys
-The Holtzmann Effect
-Second Nature
-DJ Josh Beatz
-Gus the Savage

The Down Pour
-Mitch and Lee
-The Wells River Band

-Franklin House

Senunas’ Bar & Grill
-Marty of The Boastfuls
-Jackson Vee & Lissa K
-The Frost
-Blind Choice Duo
-Kyle Demko
-Kenneth Norton of Graces Downfall
-DJ Hersh

Vesuvio’s Pizzeria
-Gerry Milhalick
-Ellie Rose
-Tori V
-Chris Cashmere of Stay Loud

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