Trip Out on New Music from Heavy Temple!

– [ ] Philadelphia psych-doom metal band Heavy Temple, plans to release their new album, “Lupi Amoris”— and we got an exclusive first listen!! So let me start off by saying, I love psychedelic rock, and I love metal, that combination put together makes the perfect mix of badass if you ask me. Going in, I wasn’t quite sure wait to expect as many bands cannot pull off psychedelic crossovers, but to my surprise, Heavy Temple did! The vocal talent of “Nighthawk” mixed with the guitar virtuosity of Lord Paisley, start off the track, in perfect synchronicity, then— BANG! The powerful drum beats of Baron Lycan(dope name by the way, I’m a huge fan of Underworld!) kicks it off together and makes this album one BADASS combination, with the first track, “A Desert”. Additionally, the musical influences are clear throughout, and to me, appear to be heavily influenced by Mastodon, Baroness, and even psychedelic rock bands like Jimi Hendrix. Now, I’m not sure if these are any of the bands influences, but the mix of the instruments and the hard hitting riffs, mixed with light and airy, but also sometimes aggressive vocals, make it seem like these are the influences. In addition, as someone who is a HUGE metal-core fan, the vocals are very reminiscent of my favorite early metal-core band, “A Skylit Drive”. Moving on to the instrumental makeup, the even flow of the guitar riffs that are both aggressive and catchy at the same time, really tie the whole album together. This band and album is very trippy, well-constructed, talented, and easily a new favorite of mine. I personally easily became obsessed with this record, and Heavy Temple! Check it out! You will NOT be disappointed!!!

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