Time to dive in

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be blown the f**k away! We were given the absolute privilege of reviewing Austrian atmospheric black metal band Harakiri for The Sky’s new album, Mære! Admittedly, I haven’t really dove into the black metal scene as much I’d like, but after hearing this band, I’ll definitely be wanting more from not just them, but discovering more black metal artists as well. The opening riff to “I, Pallbearer”, the opening track, is enough to pull you right in. The riff begins light, and melancholic, so you’re not quite sure what to expect, and then- KAPOW! The vocals kick you right in the teeth. J.J., the vocalist, has just the right blend in his voice to have black metal and melodic metalcore vibes to it. As the album draws on, the instrumentals keep that same, light, melancholy vibe. Instrumentalist, “M.S.” shows his true gift throughout this record. Astonishingly, Harakiri of the Sky is only a 2- man project, which is surprising due to the quality of the record that is normally achieved with multiple instrumentalists. Each song varies in duration from five to eleven minutes, with the longest being “I’m All About the Dusk” ringing in at a whopping eleven minutes and eight seconds and fills in any voids that the previous song, “Us Against December Skies” may have left behind. The album is a whirlwind, and keeps you wanting more. For being the bands 5th album release, I’d say it’s hands down their BEST release! After listening to the album, then listening again, and then again, I can safely say that I’m just sorry I didn’t delve into black metal sooner. And all it took was two talented dudes from Austria to open that door and break into the music scene, and my ears. So, for my fellow lovers of the macabre, the melancholy, metal, and kickass instrumentals on top of brutal vocals and powerful lyrics, I suggest you check out Harakiri of the Sky, because I’m certain they’re gonna be the best black metal band of their time. If you don’t wanna take my word for it, why don’t you check out their
music video for “I, Pallbearer” here!

Mӕre – a malicious folkloristic entity creeping on sleeping people’s chest during the night and causing breathlessness and anxiety. It’s exactly this state of diffuse terror and paralysis that has been enshrined in HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY’s music ever since their debut album. And now, more tales from feverish dreams are being released on January 29th worldwide (excl USA: February 19th) in the form of the band’s 5th longplayer “Mӕre”, out via AOP Records

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