Ties You Don’t Wanna Cut

Scranton-based band Modern Ties(previously know as Black Tie Stereo) just released their new album “Moments/Missed Opportunities”
The album starts off with “Downtown” which begins with dream-like, pop vibes. As a pre-teen, I was a huge pop music fan, so this song was instantly my jam. The lyricism tells a fun love story throughout, and keeps you wanting more. Next up, we have “Supernatural” which had my reeled in right from the title (I love anything that sounds remotely spooky), this song honestly reminds me of my one-time favorite band, Big Time Rush, which is great, and very nostalgic for me. Next we have “Poor Connection”, which gives me an 80s pop vibe, and has the same lyricism that draws you in as Downtown does. By far, easily my favorite track on this record. This is immediately followed by “Blue” which features impeccable high vocals, and mixes the modern pop, with the familiar finger snapping of the 50s pop! Things slow down a little bit with a ballad-like track called “Mallory”, which tugs at your heart strings very easily, and makes you think of that once special someone in your life. Next, we have killer track “Outside Lines”, which begins with those 80s vibes again(keep ‘em coming, I love them!) and reminds a lot of “Blinding Lights” by the Weekends. This track is super catchy throughout, and is very easy to put on repeat! Following this, we have Colorado, which has dreamy guitar riffs, and a powerful lyrical story to it, making it my second favorite. Next up, we have “When We Lay Down” which has a light piano/vocal beginning, which I would love so much to hear more of, I’m a sucker for piano-based songs! Next up, we have an instant Top 40 hit in my opinion, “(Good to be)Loved” which has a catchy bassline, catchy chorus, and is upbeat all around. Concluding, we have “Ghost” which starts off light and dreamy, and tells another sad story about your once-special someone, and is a calm, collected ending to a great album. I admire Modern Ties’ new approach to pop music, and their serious talent throughout. The lyrical content is unmatchable, and the flow of the instruments and vocals makes this album absolutely impossible to turn off! Check out “Moments/Missed Opportunities” by Modern Ties, you will NOT be disappointed!

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