Thrash Metal Legends Municipal Waste Drops New Album

Richmond, VA  thrash metal lunatics  Municipal Waste will drop their 7th studio album, Electrified Brain, on July 1st via Nuclear Blast. This will be the first album release since 2017’s banger “Slime and Punishment”, I can already predict this album is going to be one of the albums of the year. Municipal Waste formed in 2001 and has been tearing up the thrash-metal scene for the last two decades. Their records have been praised as among some of the greatest thrash metal albums ever unleashed into the world!

This album immediately slams and thrashes you around like you are already front seat in the mosh pit. I have been a huge fan of this band ever since I heard the album that came on my xBISHOPx radio playlist back in High School and I never looked back. This is personally already my favorite album of the year. The song that I really love on this record is the self-titled song “Electrified Brain” which gives me hints of a “Step Down” by NYC legends Sick Of It All, especially towards the end of the song when they go right into a tasty two-step. That two-step they play definitely makes me want to “Floorpunch” all over in the pit!

Be sure to check out the 7th album “Electrified Brain” by one of the greats on July 1st and be sure to catch me in the pit when they come to NEPA!! In the meantime, you can check out the music video for “Electrified Brain” below!

-Written by: Ray Meoni

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