Think, Feel, Vibe— with the new album from Johnny Grhymes!

Johnny Grhymes just released his new album, “Chocolate Dynasty: The Autobiography of Gritty Rawkshow” and we got an exclusive sneak peak of the record! The album is an awesome rap/rock combo! It starts with “Hard to Kill” which reminds me so much of Wu Tang Clan mixed with Chris Webby, but with a gritty guitar solo playing behind it. Next, we have “Shawn Cory”, which again has the same grit as we hear in the beginning track, the mix of the rock and rap instrumental tracks is prominent throughout this track. Following, we have “Illest Combination” ft. DeechCrisis, which starts off with a calm and wavy sound, then the bass slaps you right in the face, which makes you wanna drive around at 3am and blare it. However, as I hear throughout the record, the vocals seem to drown out the instruments, but it does not take away from the appeal of the tracks! Next, we have “Yucky”, which easily became my favorite track, because of the power in Grhymes’ voice, and the even mix of the instruments distributed with the vocals. You can hear the emotion and power throughout. Next up, we have “Get Money” which follows the interlude skit, “Pimp Skit”, this track is easily the embodiment of true feelings, and raw talent. The speed, tone of voice, and delivery of the lyrical content, make the listener want to pick up a table and throw it out the window, in a good way. However, in the middle of the track, the vocals are somewhat hard to hear, but overall, the feelings and quality of the beat and the lyrics mixed with the delivery of the lyrics, remains unmatched. Next, we have “It’s All About” ft. J.J Hollow, which is reminiscent of raves, and a straight up vibe material song. Following this, we have “War Report”, which is reminiscent of Jarren Benton, Wu Tang, and EMD rave parties. Another track that makes you think, feel, and vibe all in one. Concluding the album is “Pressure”, which begins with a light and dreamy guitar riff, and then smacks you with the gritty vocals and powerful beat that is prominent throughout the album, and easily the perfect conclusion to the album. Overall, I enjoyed the album, with my only complaint lying within the sometimes inconsistent balance of instruments/vocals. However, as I mentioned before, this does not take away from the quality of the album. If you are looking for an album with in your face, gritty beats, powerful vocals, and unique, storytelling lyricism that makes you think, feel, and vibe, look no further than “Chocolate Dynasty: The Autobiography of Gritty Rawkshow”! We can’t wait to hear more from Johnny Grhymes!

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