The Sun is Shining on Animal Sun!

Animal Sun just released their new single and the accompanying music video for “TOUCH”, a video that was premiered via Substream Magazine! Our team checked out the video— and let me start by saying- WOW! The beginning of the song, gives you that summertime, cruising with the windows down, catchy track. Wavy bass lines, a killer drum beat, sick guitar riffs, and the light and gentle, yet powerful vocals, tell this story perfectly. The video, crystal clear, and easy to follow, tells the story of two women who seem to be very happy and in love, while doing various activities under the bright lights of the city! Together, they drive off in their van, and head to a hotel, where they continue to have fun, enjoy each other’s presence, and just be children again! I am a huge fan of the way the music perfectly follows the video, and the catchiness of the song. As for the lyrics, there is a clear talent for lyricism, among other things throughout the track. The lyrics tell a story of love, living carefree, embracing who you are, and being in the presence of those you love, all well maintaining a very upbeat, and clearly talent filled tempo, and catchy hooks. Animal Sun is by far one of the best Electro Pop Rock bands I have ever heard, and I genuinely do not know how I didn’t hear of them before! I wouldn’t be surprised if I see this song in the Top Ten sometime very soon— so, DO NOT sleep on Animal Sun, because they are destined to be the next best thing. Their raw talent shines throughout. But if you don’t believe me, check out “Touch” here:

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