The Red Barons Knock It Out of the Park!

It is 2021 and The Red Barons are back baby and they are bringing their new album “Don’t Call The Cops” with them! I feel like I have been teleported back to 2014 and it’s Friday night and I am heading downtown to The Vintage to see the Those Clever Foxes and The Red Barons play! 

First off, I love the album; it brings me back to a time where music meant the most to me. I will say that I wish there were faster songs on this album, but if you like some laid back calmer songs, this is the album to check out! I love the indie feel these songs have and one of my favorite songs on the album is “Black Coat”, it’s just a nice easy-going song. 

Seriously though, go check out this album by this amazing band! You definitely won’t regret it! You can go check out the full album on Bandcamp below!


-written by: Ray Meoni

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