The “Pinnacle” of EPS by Buckley’s Angel

LA-based multi-instrumentalist “Buckley’s Angel” just released a new EP, titled “Pinnacle Room”. The EP begins with the leading title track, “Pinnacle Room” shows Buckley’s natural talent on multiple instruments. Following is the track, “Sweet James” tells an emotional, heartfelt story that draws the listener in. Next, we have “Mansell”, this track easily became my favorite, it again shows Buckley’s natural talent, which is a common theme throughout. The talent of Buckley is unmatched and unparalleled.
After this, we have “Exit Culture”, which is a nice send-off to the record, it again features thought-provoking, heartfelt stories. This, mixed with the even flow of the instruments, makes this truly the best send off to this EP. However, I do wish it was longer, because I was enjoying it so much and it feels as though the full message was not brought across, but alas, it was wonderful nevertheless!
All in all, I was thoroughly surprised by this EP, and I immensely enjoyed it, I think that anyone who enjoys indie rock would love this record, but don’t just take my word for it, listen here anywhere you find music!

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