The Mother of All Videos by Dirty Soap!

Philadelphia based rock band “Dirty Soap” just recently released their music video for their track, “Mother of All Bombs” off of their record, “Doo Wop Punks”. Going in, I had no idea what to expect in terms of video content, because of my experience watching Green Jëlly videos as a kid(still love Green Jelly though) However, I was pleasantly surprised at the catchy riffs, catchy hook, and most of all, the even flow of the music and the vocals together. The track almost reminds me of a psychedelic/folk punk mix, and let me tell you, I f***king love it! In terms of the video itself, it is fun, and super high quality. It features people from all walks of life, the punk scene, and the band on various adventures and encountering varying characters throughout the city! The vibe of the video itself adds a fun twist to the song, but still keeps with the catchy music and lyrical content! In addition to this, the bass line mixed with the vocals is very reminiscent of Primus, which is an awesome feat as I haven’t heard of too many bands that remind me of Primus! The mixing, mastering, instrumentation, vocals, video, the whole sha-bang, made me instantly fall in love with this track and this band!
Overall, I really enjoyed this track, and this band! Check them out this weekend, August 14th, at Curry Donuts in Wilkes Barre!

Check out the video for “Mother of All Bombs” here!

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