That Classic Vibe

I have to say, I love classic punk rock. Very rarely do we receive submissions that are modern artists, but with that exact classic punk rock sound. That’s what Jay Luke’s sound has. We were recently given the honor of receiving his single, “Killing Time” and let me tell you— it is so nostalgic. Jay’s voice is reminiscent of both Billy Idol, and early punk rock acts like Sex Pistols. The instrumental work throughout is cohesive, and very well written, however his voice seems to drown out the drumbeat, which seems to be lower than the rest of the instruments. However, Jay’s prominent vocal talent, and the unique guitar playing of E57’s Michael ‘Duds’ McDonald make up for this! Duds’ guitar work, along with his solo in this song is unmatchable. I have seen/heard Duds play numerous times, including on his own solo guitar albums, and I am still amazed how he can adapt to any sound and kick ass with it. The chorus of “Killing Time” is super catchy, again, reminiscent of Billy Idol. Jay and Duds definitely make a very good musical combo. Mix Duds together with Jay Luke, add some classic rock and punk rock undertones, some kickass, and you have the ear worm that is Killing Time! We love it, and we are sure you will too! Check it out here:

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