Swedish GAUPA Releases New Album November 18th

Swedish rock band GAUPA who will release their 2nd full-length album, Myriad, on November 18th with Nuclear Blast. GAUPA got their start in 2018 with their debut, self-titled EP. Their surreal lyrics, a highly energetic singer, and a sound of progressive stoner rock with doom and psychedelic influences immediately struck a favorable tone with critics and fans and elevated them to national status in their homeland and tours/festivals throughout Europe. With their follow up full-length debut, Feberdröm, in 2020 the band amassed a worldwide following and the attention of Nuclear Blast who signed them in mid 2021. Now poised for crossover success, the band is set to release their sophomore record, Myriad, this fall with a monumental year ahead of them.

Personally, I love this album and the vocals brings out the heaviness of the guitar, bass, and drums. My favorite song and the heaviest song on the record in my opinion is Diametrrical Enchantress. I am in absolutely in love with the beat to this song. Fans who also love bands like Sleep, Witch Mountain, etc. will definitely dig this band. 

Even though you need to wait until November 18 to check out the whole album, you can however check out the music video for RA below!


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