Swedish Doom Album Released

Swedish Doom band  “The Sonic Overlords” just released their long awaited debut full-length Last Days of Babylon on October 22nd and this is just downright a killer album! The thing I love about listening to this was that it sounds so much like Dio era Black Sabbath and I may get a lot of heat about this but Dio era Sabbath is my favorite era. 

It has been a while since I really enjoyed a newer doom band and this band takes the cake on that, in fact, I will be buying a shirt once this review is finished. The song that really stood out to me and really gave me that Dio era Sabbath feeling is “In My Darkest Room”, this song almost gave me chills just like when I first listened to Sabbath and that is a feeling like no other! 

Go check out this album out right now, like stop what you are doing and check this out now!! However, go check out their music video for “In My Darkest Room” first which is below!

-Written by: Ray Meoni



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