Summertime Sadness with Modern Ties

Scranton based indie pop band Modern Ties(formerly known as Black Tie Stereo) just released their new track, “Outside the Lines(Stripped)” and we got a first listen at it! Now, let me start off by saying, the minute I heard the opening guitar riff to this track, I was interested transported back to my 8th grade emo days, and let me say, im totally glad for that. First, the dreamy, acoustic guitar is a light opener to this track, it makes you think of that one person that maybe things didn’t work out with, or maybe things did work out and you still love emo music (either or is totally justified). Not just the guitar, but the entire track is very reminiscent of mid 00s acoustic emo bands(which I ADORE). The obvious influence that can be heard it The Starting Line, making this track any current or former emo kids new favorite track! The light and gentle vocals help the lyrics tell a heartfelt of love and heartbreak at the same time, this of course, is just my interpretation. I fell in love with this song, and can safely say it will be my late-night-overthinking summertime favorite. Check it out for yourself! You’re going to love it!

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