Summertime Flowers by 5-7-Zero!

I’m always excited when 5-7-Zero release new music, but man, was I ecstatic when we received an early listen of “Marigolds” by them! We first met 5-7-Zero last summer, and it has been so fun to watch them grow and progress, and advance their sound to where they are now. “Marigolds” opens with a killer guitar riff from guitarist Gabe Josefowicz, followed by the always awesome vocal combination of both bassist and vocalist Cat Havrilla, and Gabe Josefowicz. Gabe’s clean vocals are very powerful, and flow with the music evenly for the most part. There is a slight lack of flow in his unclean, (screamed for those who don’t know), vocals, however, this does not take away from the song at all. Cat’s co-vocals are sometimes drowned out by the music, but again, this does not take away from the music as in the end of the track, the vocals come back swinging, as powerful as ever. The obvious evolution of their sound is marked in comparison to “aging like a fine wine” because I can honestly, truthfully say that each time they release a new track, I’m even more impressed than I was last time. From the lyrical content, to the obvious instrumental and vocal talent of both Gabe & Cat, all the way to their live shows, it’s so enchanting to watch them grow, and progress, and continue to put out music that pulls you right in and keeps you wanting more. Overall, “Marigolds” has become an instant favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next from 5-7-Zero!

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