Summer Tunes

Calabash by Greater Revival Is the perfect song to usher in the summer.  It really couldn’t have come at a better time as this is the sort of song you want to turn the volume up on your car radio. Calabash has very strong hints of the Black Crowes while also carrying the exuberant energy of some eighties hard rock such as Motley Crue, Poison, and Warrant.  It’s an interesting combo and it works very well. Hearing the song I just see myself listening to it at a barbecue in the height of summer, beer in hand, while the smell of sizzling burgers mixes with the scent of water splashing on hot asphalt.
The only criticism I can give this song is that of the recording not so much the song itself. It sounds a bit as if the band was recording in a large room as there seems to be some empty space that the sound is not filling (if that makes sense) and I am not sure if that’s because the volume of the instrumentals need to be turned up or if it was simply the space in which the song was recorded. Either way the song is definitely a good one and I suggest you put it on your summer playlist.

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