Summer Jam: Stay Loud’s New Single

While it may have cooled off the past few days and we spooky folks are already digging out Halloween decorations, summer is not over yet. There are still cook outs and camping adventures to be had, trips to the coast, and outdoor events to attend. Stay loud is keeping that crazy fun, summer vibe going with their new single “One Shot”.

This new single is full of energy and is all about jumping into the fray of the party. While decadence is the name of the game in this song, it’s still got that happy, positive sound. If I had to describe “One Shot” succinctly, I’d say it sounds as if Sublime tried to do a beach-punk style song.

As I said, this new single from Stay Loud is fun and energetic. Definitely a song you want on your Best Summer Jams playlist.

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