Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice from 5-7-Zero

As someone who grew up watching Green Jelly music videos on VH1 Classic, (hey, it was the early 00s, okay?) I was super excited to have Nanticoke-area metal band “5-7-Zero”’s newly released single, “Sugar and Spice” featuring Lazy Ass Destroyer and Green Jelly, come across my desk.
The song starts off with an absolute killer guitar riff, guitarist Gabe Josefowicz(who also plays in Green Jelly)’s talent is really displayed here. In the chorus, we hear a much more mature sounding Cat Havrilla, and her voice pairs perfectly with the best of the song, very reminiscent of Amy Lee, Maria Brink, and Hayley Williams. The guitar solo at the closing of the song, is that same sound that is instantly recognizable of 5-7-Zero. You can hear the band’s maturity and progression in this song. Compared to other tracks, this one is definitely composed, written, and performed extremely well. Lazy Ass D’s voice, mixed with Cat’s, reminds me a lot of a heavy metal Fleetwood Mac, in terms of their voices complimenting each other. The instruments are composed almost flawlessly, and give that gritty-in-your-face rock and roll sound that 5-7-Zero is able to accomplish in every track. Overall, this track is definitely sure to become any metal or Green Jelly fans instant favorite. We can’t wait to hear more from 5-7-Zero, and Green Jelly!

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