Stepping Outside the Box with 5-7-Zero

This is not a drill! 5-7-Zero just released their new single, “Jerk”, side B of their single, “Sugar & Spice”. I have to say, I am so impressed with the maturing sound of the band, from the crunchy bass line of Cat Havrilla in the intro, to the squealing guitar of Gabe Josefowicz, mixed with the vocals, make this the perfect punk rock track. The entire makeup of the track is reminiscent of the same skate punk that is definitely “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” soundtrack material. The passion of both Cat and Gabe is very prominent throughout this track, you can hear that they both put their heart and soul into not only this track, but every track that they write. The talent is clear, and the willingness to step outside the box and put out a track that is a new sound from their metal sound, is highly respectable. Not many bands can properly attempt a new sound, while still staying within their primary genre, and display their true talents doing so. “Jerk” is a B-side, but it truly deserves its own release as a stand-alone single. The quality, passion, and all around badassery of this track is sure to make it an instant hit! Check it out everywhere May 7th!

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