Starting Strong: A Review of Deadwulf’s Latest Album

This past March, Deadwulf released their self-titled album on all major platforms and let me tell you, this is not an album you want to miss. Fans of Linkin Park and Deftones will really appreciate the sound, they lyrics, and the energy of Deadwulf’s work on this album. Ranging from anger and bitterness toward life to deep depression and on to hopeful horizons, the messages of each song is deeply personal and relatable.

If I had to point out any one theme in Deadwulf’s new album, it would be the struggle with depression. The presence of this internal battle weaves itself through each song with lines about feeling disconnected, the struggle to get your shit together, and trying your hardest not to hurt anyone while also sticking your neck out for everyone else to stand on. The lyrics carry a very personal message, but one that many others can also connect to and feel in their own way.

As if the lyrics weren’t enough to hook you in, the music itself is really good. There’s a great balance here of sad/mad yelling and pretty, melodic vocals. The instrumentals reflect that balance exactly with heavier drums and guitar as well as the slower, beautiful, haunting sounds that yours truly is so fond of. This helps to create a healthy flow in the music so that it’s not all the same and running into each other to become a five hour jam session with seemingly no beginning and no end, but also avoids having too much juxtaposition to throw off the audience’s listening experience.

This same healthy balance and flow is seen in the song arrangement alone. For those of you who know me, you know that I’m very particular about playlists and how the next song should compliment the one before it, but not be too similar that you can’t tell them apart. This is why I hate listening to the radio, because how in the hell do you follow Radiohead with Beyonce?! Why would you do this?! Who allowed you to set up the queue?! Okay, rant over. My point is, Deadwulf’s album is organized perfectly in that the songs flow together while maintaining their individuality and not bleeding into each other too much.

The work that the band put into this album is obvious and while I’m not in the studio with them, I would venture to say that they are working excellently together. I feel that this album is a seriously strong start for the band and as long as they keep working together and being honest in their art, the only place they have to go is up.

So, be sure to check out Deadwulf’s latest album and don’t miss their music videos (links below)!

“Normal” Music Video:

“Together” Music Video:

“10-56” Music Video: (Explicit Lyrics)[Suicide Awareness]

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