Jordyn Diana


2.5 years

Manager/Managing Editor.


Approx. 2.5 years of management



Jordyn may have only been involved in the field of management for so long now, but her love for music/the arts goes back to when she was a young child.

Her father, the past vocalist of the Beaver Meadows local band “King Krab and The Krabkakes,” had introduced her to the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, when she was less than a year old.

Instantly Jordyn was fascinated with the soothing sounds of the King’s voice paired with the large orchestrated band he had performed with.

From then onward, Jordyn began discovering other artists and genres of music, and singing whenever she got the chance to.

Soon after that, she began writing poetry and song lyrics to match up with the sound of her humming.

Her mother, an elementary school teacher, had always been the creative type and had introduced Jordyn to the physical aspects of the arts, such as painting and sketching.

At age 13, Jordyn started to take her vocal skills a little more seriously when she decided to enter singing competitions around the area.

Her first performance she had ever done in front of a large audience was at her middle school for the annual talent show.

Surprised by the positive feedback she received from classmates and staff, she decided to pursue music further in depth.

In high school, things took an unexpected turn when Jordyn decided to take up Cosmetology as a career and focus mainly on painting and at one point, drama/theatre which was short lived, and put music on the back burner.

After graduating, Jordyn had switched her career choices many times from being a hairstylist/MUA to a SPFX makeup artist, to a forensic analyst, to a veterinarian, and so on..

Meanwhile, Jordyn had started developing an interest in managing.

The concept of keeping things running properly, staying organized, and improving the companies she worked for grew on her over time and in September of 2019, Alonna Weaver, co founder of 5-7-0 Press, also Jordyn’s close friend, had proposed the idea of Jordyn joining media page to help manage and improve the online magazine further.

Since then, things have only progressed with 5-7-0, between the support of a growing team and a rapidly growing following!

Fun fact:

Jordyn and Alonna are in a hard rock band together formed in NEPA, called “Eyes Of The World.”

Favorite interview:

Reaper’s Revenge or Handguns.

Favorite color:

Yellow or black.

Favorite pastime(s):

Writing/performing music, creating new artwork, watching spooky movies, quoting movies/tv shows from the 00’s, collecting unusual knick knacks, experimenting in Cosmetology, reading about science/anatomy of both humans and animals, and spoiling her many fur and scale children!

Favorite band/musician:

In between Elvis Presley, The Pretty Reckless, Nirvana, Blue October, Britney Spears, The Descendents, and Shania Twain.