Alonna Weaver


2 years freelance journalism.

Fun fact: Alonna has a horror movie inspired tattoo sleeve.

Favorite interview: Handguns

Favorite color: Purple & teal

Favorite pastime: Playing music, doing art, watching That 70s Show, Catfish, The Office, and a variety of movies.

Favorite band: Def Leppard & Nirvana.

Alonna’s love for music dates back to her early days. Born in a rural, but crime-polluted area, to Tom Weaver, an ex-police officer, and Sharon Gallo, a nurse and teacher, in 1998, Alonna was destined for greatness from a young age. She learned to read at the age of 2, and always asked her parents to take her to the library, where she would read a variety of books, Harry Potter being her favorite. Around this time, Alonna also found her love of music, often being glued to the TV while her parents watched old music videos on MTV and VH1 Classic. The spark that ignited Alonna’s love of music came in 2003, at the age of five, when her mother bought her a child’s acoustic guitar and keyboard for Christmas, the same time Alonna also joined community theatre. For years, Alonna would spend her time playing this guitar until she literally broke it, at which time her parents purchased a Fender Stratocaster for her eleventh birthday, and six months worth of lessons, where she learned to read and write music. After diving head first into musical theatre, beauty, and art, Alonna’s love of music fell short. After many, many years of doing musical theatre, art, dancing, and even going so far as to taking Cosmetology courses in high school, Alonna retired from these ventures in 2016, at age 18. By this time in her senior year of high school, and stuck between going to her mothers Alma mater on scholarship, or following her heart, she decided to follow her heart. She that musical spark never left her, and after graduating high school in 2017, she went to college for Audio Engineering, and Music Recording. Since graduating college in 2019, she has started 5-7-0 Press with a colleague, that now has four contributing members, hundreds of interviews, and much more!