Spooky vibes from “Seethe”

Seethe just released their new EP, “Departures” and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to check it out first! The track begins with the kickass beginning, “Beg” which features tripping distorted vocals, and then a Corey Taylor sounding voice follows it, adding to the badass debauchery sound that Seethe has come to be known for! Next, we have “Stain” this track was instantly a favorite with me, as it reminds me of a track that would be played during a haunted trail in the fall, the variety of noises mixed with the distorted voice give this the ultimate spooky vibe and I like that the most about this track. Following “Stain” we have “Bury (ME)” which has a rap/horror/psychedelic/death metal sound to it. The blend of these genres makes this track truly unique from the rest. After that, we have “Fate(In My Hands)” which is oddly lower in volume than the rest of the EP, but nonetheless just as badass, especially with that Slipknot-esque clean vocal sliding in there. Next, we have “Sempiternal” which is an automatic must listen for any 2013 BMTH fan, not just for the title, but also for the electro-kickass-psychedelic music and vocals that follow along with it, the spooky vibe of the track makes it horror movie soundtrack material! Following “Sempiternal” is “Pig Thick” which again gives me haunted house vibes, but this time, has more of a hip hop beat to it, making it even more unique. Next up, we have “Heave” which starts off with an EDM type beat, over distanced, distorted vocals, which has the potential to instantly become a favorite among EDM fans and ravers, but also metal fans alike, due to the creepy, Chris Motionless-esque clean vocal in this track. After this, we come into “Cleansing”, which starts off with the same sound as any horror movie, and then drops into another EDM beat mixed with Deathcore vocals, that make you wanna simultaneously rave, and mosh. Finally, we have “Crimson” which we were lucky enough to be able to review when it dropped as a single. Crimson features that same Motionless in White sounding clean vocal line that “Heave” has, and I honestly think this one tied with Stain for being my favorite, because of how much is going on in the song, it makes you want to straight up vibe, and then put on a spooky movie! Overall, I really enjoyed this EP, and could definitely see it being played at a rave, a metal show, in a horror movie, on a haunted trail, in the shower, EVERYWHERE. But if you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5Kz6nEKSlhD35YVd4O8qat?si=gg3wPGjbTLWv8B2x67bjVg

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