Soulful Storytelling

Let me first start of by saying— if you enjoy rap music that tells an actual story, and touches on feelings you forgot existed, look no further than “Soulful Psycho”. As someone who grew up on Wu-Tang, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, etc. and I was disappointed to have seen the direction rap music had gone in until I heard this record. Soulful Psycho, by Hazleton rapper/producer Nate WILL, blends both new school and old school rap for the perfect blend of a nice even flow throughout. I was very impressed with how Nate is able to tell sad stories, happy stories, and even diss a couple of other artists all in one album. This album had me vibin’, cryin’, and wanting to throw down in the pit(in a good way), and it takes a lot for a record to be able to get me straight up vibin’. The beats are top quality, and the lyrics and flow match in perfectly with their respective beats. Nate’s genuine feelings are almost seamlessly throughout this entire record, and it shows through in his vocal work.
It’s worth noting that Soulful Psycho has been out for over a year, and it only recently hit my radar, and I’m just mad that it took me that long to discover and listen to this entire record. It reminds me of the hip-hop I grew up on, and blends in the elements modern rap for a truly unique type of sound. All in all, Soulful Psycho is great for old school hip-hop, new school hip-hop, and even non-rap fans! Give it a listen, I promise you there will be a track you like!!

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