Seeing the Light

Long Nines recently released their new single “See the Light”, have you heard it? If not, then you’re going to want to. This alt-rock and pop punk mixture is great and we’re loving it. The instrumentals are on point, the lyrics are great, and the vocals are pretty good too. That would be my only criticism, is that you can hear the strain in some of the longer notes in the vocals, as if the singer is either holding back or needs a little extra vocal training to blend those notes nice and silky smooth. That’s not to say that the vocals are bad, because they’re definitely not, the singer obviously has a lot of potential. The road to success is all about growth and continuing to learn (something that should never end), so as long as the band continues to work so well, so cohesively together and they grow together, I don’t see anything stopping them.

Go ahead and check out “See the Light” for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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