Scranton EDM Project Spectre Releases Live Performance

EDM project Spectre just released an album with songs that were never released and only played once titled Bootleg Bodega! For those who don’t know Specter features one of  Scranton’s legendary DJs Quoth and also Gary Goblins! This album absolutely rips and has that whole very early 2000s Toonami feel. I honestly feel like I have been time-warped to a 2002 rave in south Philly. 

The crazy thing is the recording is from a live performance back in 2018 that was completely improvised and it sounds really good and just makes you wanna dance. My favorite track on this album has to be “Hammerdown (Green Flares). The song has everything I love in an EDM single, of course having that early 2000s feel but also has that Matrix theme song feel as well. 

Go check out this album right now, like stop what you are doing and check this out now!! You can purchase the digital album for $5 below or you can get an extremely limited physical copy that is hand-signed by going through Quoth and Gary Goblins!


-written by: Ray Meoni

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