Run, Don’t Walk: A Review of Seethe’s Latest Album

Life has gotten hella busy for ya girl lately. Between helping my 6yo nephew with his online schooling, editing one of my novels for a second edition, maintaining a regular work out routine, and my new work of moonlighting as a pin-up, I’ve had to master some juggling, such as this week when I went for one of my runs and decided to also check out Seethe’s latest album Abstract Thoughts. I knew it was a gamble, new band (new for me), new album, while going for a run. When you’re working out, you need the right music for it and with Abstract Thoughts I didn’t know what to expect.

Seethe for sure has something going for them. Their album flows nicely, but they vary their songs and sounds so it doesn’t all bleed together. Their sound is of a more unique variety, reminding me a lot of Marilyn Manson, but not so much that I feel like, “Okay guys, you might as well just be a Manson coverband”. No, Seethe has vocals and melodies similar to Manson, but they very much have their own signature on their sound as well. The band has put together something pretty damn good here with Abstract Thoughts and they should be proud of it.

As I mentioned, the collection of songs on this album are all great choices to have together. Each song is an individual unto itself, but not so much so that they clash with too much contrast. I definitely recommend giving Abstract Thoughts a listen and checking out what else Seethe is up to (links below).

And it turns out, this album is pretty damn good running music! Not too energetic that you feel like a piece of shit if you can’t keep up with it and not too slow that you find yourself taking longer walking breaks than you should. So if you’re a runner, give this album a go the next time you’re out, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, pro-tip: don’t drink a beer before going for a run, it’s not a good time.

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