Pop Punk Apology

No Take Backs has a new single out, “Make Amends” and we are digging it. The instrumentals are on point and fall right into the pop punk genre like a puzzle piece. The vocals, however, are different and it’s this difference which makes them stand out among the rest.

The vocals here are super reminiscent of Joy Division, its not what you’d expect to be paired with pop punk, but it works and it helps them stand out among the rest. As for the song itself, I love the lyrics, I think its the first “apology” song from male performers that isn’t basically saying, “I’m sorry I hurt you, but I’m just so messed up because I have so much baggage and I hate myself more than you ever could, don’t you feel bad for how sad I am?” Like, boy, stfu you emotionally manipulative shit. Aaaanyway, “Make Amends” isn’t like that, instead the message is more “I fucked you up and that is totally on me, I’m so sorry.” And it feels like a genuine message which just makes the song that much better.

Don’t just take my word for it though, listen to the new single for yourself!

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