Poetry Feelings

I grew up reading and writing poetry, and here at 5-7-0, we love to showcase artists of ALL talents! So, when we received this submission, we jumped on it!

Stepping outside of the box, local rap artist, “D Ryan”, tried his hand at spoken word poetry, and I was certainly amazed! Ryan’s delivery of the poetry clearly displays his ability to think on the spot, and rhyme with ease. While listening, it reminded me of an off-the-cuff rant by a character on television. This feat is not easy to obtain, but Ryan does it effortlessly. The emotion and intensity in his voice tells the story of heartache, anger, and overcoming. Truly a unique feat his quick, rap like delivery mixing with the powerful emotion. Never once breaking character, Ryan makes you feel what he’s feeling, what he’s trying to convey, it makes you think. To me, poetry should make you think, and feel, and D Ryan certainly achieves this. Overall, I love this spoken word by D Ryan!

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