Ooo! Something new from Traverse the Abyss!

My walls shook as I turned on my speaker at full volume, went to YouTube, and watched the new music video for “Faucet Mouth” from Scranton-based metal band, “Traverse the Abyss”. I’ve known these guys for years, and they never cease to impress me everything they release a new track. The unclean vocals of Eric Ross, mixed with the guitar talent of lead guitarist Mike White, kick you in the teeth right off the bat, in a good way. The video is sort of like a mock rap-meets-exploitation-horror-film meets Southern hoedown, and let me tell you, I am here for it. Picture yourself at a pool party with Snoop Dogg, but Captain Spaulding and Leatherface, and your hillbilly neighbor probably named Rex are there enjoying the party too, and that’s exactly the vibe I get from this video. The instrument work is catchy, from the guitar riffs, to the bass/drum heavy hitter combo of bassist Mike “B-Noc” Bienicki, and drummer Dave Wilczewski, making them a ‘dynamic duo’ in the rhythm section of this song. As the video progresses, the group seems to poke fun at glam metal as well, with Eric sporting a David Lee Roth/Vince Neil type costume, which makes this all the more awesome. I was extremely impressed with the multiple camera angles, as they seem to accurately capture each and every minuscule detail of the video. From the bumblebee yellow off road vehicle, to the pool scene, to the group partying on hay bales, each scene is captured in a way that allows the viewer to feel as if they are actually attending this swaray for themselves. Overall, from beginning to end, this video is a hell of a ride, and keeps the viewer feeling like they are right there in the video as it is happening. The song itself is a classic metal heavy-hitter, and any metal heads dream. Needless to say, Traverse the Abyss did not let us down with this track, and we are excited to hear what will be next from these guys!

Check out the video for Faucet Mouth here:

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