Nostalgia from Hey, Chels!

Indie pop/rock band, Hey, Chels, just released their new EP, “Bric Roads” and we got an exclusive first listen at their single “Disaster” which will be featured on the EP. From the beginning, the song is reminiscent of early-mid 90s pop rock! Along with the graphics of the lyric video, the overall vibe, and musical/vocal sound of the music adds to the 90s nostalgia! The song itself is riveting, upbeat, fun, and funky fresh(by the way, do people still say that?). Hey, Chels, is easily becoming one of my favorite bands. When you dive deeper into the rest of the EP, we begin with “Daisy” the first song off the EP, which starts off with a nice, captivating piano, opening the EP with an eerie beginning. After “Disaster”, we have “Escape” beginning with a trippy guitar riff, and an 80s beat, “Escape” is easily my favorite track off the EP. Last, but not least, we have “Gold”, the ending track, which continues the upbeat vibe of the rest of the EP, and closes out this album on a high note. In addition, there is also a Spanish version of “Daisy” and “Escape”, which is interesting, as this is the first time I have seen a band do this with an EP. Definitely cool, and the tracks sound amazing in Spanish too! In conclusion, the instruments and vocals mix together perfectly, and blend the lyrics, making this EP a definite favorite of mine! But, check it out for yourself!

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