Noise Band Bunuel’s New Nasty Album

Italian/American-based avant-garde noise band “Buñuel” will be releasing their monstrous album “Killers Like Us” on February 18, 2022, and the only word that can describe this album is nasty.  Buñuel does something different than how other noise bands sound, not only do they have the heaviness which every noise band should have, but they also have elements of 1970s punk mixed with grunge-style and post-punk riffs and vocals. Named after the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel, the only filmmaker to first make his bones by making good on what happens when straight razors meet eyeballs.

Buñuel’s newest album “Killers Like Us” is the third part of the trilogy that started with “A Resting Place for Strangers”, and then “The Easy Way Out”, this is a killer addition to the other great albums that came before. One of my favorite songs on this album is the starting track “Hornets”, to the simple fact, it gives of this super heavy sound that I absolutely love. However, the tone of this album quickly changes right when the next track is hit and you are up against a face shredding fast punk song. Every song right after each other feels like a right hook to the face because you never know what is going to come next.


Be sure to check out “Killers Like Us” on February 18, 2022 and catch me in the pit if they come out to NEPA! However, you can check them out below with their shredding single “When God Used A Rope”.

-Written by: Ray Meoni

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