No Tricks… All Treats!

Horrible Charlie recently dropped their EP “Too Old to Trick of Treat… Too Young to Die”
First things first, I fell in love with the title of the EP right off the bat! It’s spooky, it’s catchy, it’s what it feels like to be a young adult. Let me start off by saying, I got strong “All Hallow’s EP” by AFI from the EP right off the bat. The album art is simple, yet beautifully crafted. The album art features a ghost seated in a chair, with three other, more transparent ghosts around them. This is reminiscent of “A Christmas Carol” even though it seems to be Halloween themed. Over the ghost is a banner which displays the EP’s name. Overall, I love how minimal the album art is, and I feel like you can make many different interpretations of it, which is even better! The vocals mix in with the music nicely, and each track blends right into the other. The lyrical content tells a powerful story throughout. Angst, rebellion, confused adulthood, feelings we all know too well. I am someone who focuses primarily on musical content, then mixing, and then composition. I can tell you that I love the lyrics and the music, however, there are some points where the vocals drown out the music, which isn’t a huge problem, and doesn’t take away from the overall experience of the album. All in all, Horrible Charlie gave us some treats this year with this EP, I highly recommend you check it out, because I think you will love it too. Great job, guys!

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