New Zealand Rock Trio Capital Theatre Releases New Video

New Zealand based alternative rock trio, Capital Theatre, has released the official music video for “Fait Accompli.” The track comes from the band’s debut album, “A Hero’s Journey, a 10-track LP showcasing why the band has been skyrocketing across the world. The track and album were recorded by Grammy Award-winning Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses).  the phenomenal freshman release has unleashed several already runaway viral videos, including “Fait Accompli”! Produced, directed, and edited by Bryan Cox, and co-directed Jena N. Serbu.  “Fait Accompli” has stunned fans, with over 3 million views since its June 24th unveiling.

“The hero’s journey is the blueprint for so many great stories of our time, and so we decided to map out the album based on that framework. It begins at the status quo, then moves through coming-of-age and the call to adventure, the trials, and tribulations, and then finally the moment of triumph over adversity. It was such rich territory to write against and ended up giving us this amazing template for examining the human experience.” – Adam Stevenson (Front-Man)

I personally really enjoy the song as well as the music, it kinda gives me a newer Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe. The video itself is definitely visually pleasing and the song is something you can put on and just drift away. You can check out the new music video for “Fait Accompli” below!

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