New Wave From Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh New Wave band Sonny Boy just dropped their new single “The Homecoming” and boy let me tell you, I feel like I was just teleported to the 1980s! I love this track, it reminds me of a lot of David Bowie’s music coming out around this time. However, if you are a fan of The 1975 or The Bleachers, then this is a band for you! 


The song also reminds me of that movie Adventureland that came out like 13 years ago, I feel this song would be a perfect add on for that movie or any 80s inspired movie coming out now! I am not going to lie when I pretty much danced a little in my room, kinda like Elaine from Seinfeld because I can not dance to save me life. 


Go tease up your hair, go find those vintage clothes in your parent’s closet, and go party like it’s 1989! Also, be sure to check out the music video which is below!

-Written by: Ray Meoni

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