New Video from As Tides Rise!

Lincoln, NE-
Metalcore band “As Tides Rise” just released their new video for their song, “Break the Waves” and our team got an exclusive first look! The video begins with a young woman, she arrives at a farmhouse type building, and you hear distorted radio voices. She turns on a record, sits down, and takes a bottle of what appears to be pills of some sort, only labeled as “Reality.”Reminiscent of older drama/horror movies, this sets the scene and the vibe for the rest of the video. From here, the music kicks in! I was blown away. As someone who is and always has been a huge fan of metalcore, and just heavy duty rock in general, this knocked it right out of the park. The vocals are powerful and heartfelt, and flow together perfectly with the music. The instruments are super powerful and in-your-face. This is the first time in a long time I have heard a track with such clear, heavy bass in it, similar to that of classic Amity Affliction. A lot of times, it’s very hard to distinguish the bass in a track, as it’s often drowned out by the drums or the guitars. Not here though, the guitar riffs, the drum beats, the bass line, the vocals, it’s all a nice clean, even mix, which is an awesome feat! The video to me tells a story of desolation and isolation, and uses the imagery to convey this message. All in all, I truly enjoyed this track and the video, and I cannot wait to hear more from As Tides Rise!

Check out the video here:

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