New Stoner Doom Album by Super Group!

Texas doomgaze band LowFlyingHawks will be releasing their 3rd full-length album Fuyu which in Japanese means Winter. on August 27th. The band consists members named EHA and AAL. This album also features Dale Crover from The MELVINS and Trevor Dunn from MR. BUNGLE and already this lineup is so sick! The 3rd installment completes a trilogy concept that is based on the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphos, King of Corinth. Those of you who do not know, he was cruelly punished by the Olympian gods to eternally push a massive boulder up on a hill – only to see it slip and roll down again every time he neared the top.

The album is amazing and I cannot wait for this to drop, I will definitely be picking this up on August 27th! I love the elements of the album going from doom to shoegaze in a blink of an eye, this definitely going to be in my top 5 albums of the year.

Seriously, go check this out, it is definitely an album that will satisfy any doom head out there! Also, be sure to catch me at one of their shows when they tour NEPA and also catch their song Subatomic Sphere below!

Written by: Ray Meoni

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