New Single from Narrowcast

The band Narrowcast has been hard at work producing their new single “The Ones Who Fell Through”. If you’re looking for some positive vibes, then this is your song. The instrumentals are great with that indie sound and I love it. The vocals remind me quite a bit of genesis/Collins and…okay, big controversy approaching, I can’t stand Phil Collins and I loathe genesis, not because they sound bad, but I just really do not like their sound (as a whole). However, that does not mean these vocals suck, not at all.

While the vocals do sound a little basic, there is definite promise there. In addition to that, the lyrics don’t stand out to me much, I like the message, but I just think it could have been written with more flow, a slightly larger range of vocabulary, and better rhyming (disclaimer: I’m a writer and a poet, so I’m nitpicky when it comes to writing).

Overall, the single is good and you should check it out for yourself, especially if you’re a fan of indie music!

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