New Single from Jordan Sartor!

Metal fans, it is the summer of HEAVY, and we are ABSOLUTELY loving it. Metal vocalist, Jordan Sartor, just released his newest single, Alpha, and we got a first listen! As is typical with Sartor, this track did not fail to be an absolute BANGER. First off, the instruments are brutal, and in-your-face, which I love. “Alpha” is very reminiscent of prior singles by Sartor, however, it is unique in its own way. The vocal evolution of Sartor also shines through on this track specifically.
As a solo artist, it is very interesting to see Sartor play every instrument, including vocals, but also record, mix, and master the track all on his own. A true “Alpha” dog, so to speak. The unique talent and drive shines through now just in “Alpha”, but every single released by Sartor that we have had the pleasure of reviewing in previous articles.
All in all, I recommend this to anyone who loves heavy music, and wants to hear something unique, by a killer solo artist!
Check it out, releasing soon everywhere you find music!

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