New Single by Lives Lost

Brand new hard rock band Lives Lost just released their new single Forward Yesterday with a music video!  The video hits harder than words can describe by pushing boundaries on real-world casualties, the music video itself is definitely a big reality check as well!


In all honestly hard rock is not my favorite genre of music, I always leaned more into either really heavy music or ska; mainly ska. I know I’m weird, however; this song is actually pretty decent! I love that they are bringing in real-world problems this way. It almost feels like it is breaking the silence from what normally gets talked about which is a big eye-opener. I also wasn’t expecting a breakdown in the song either, so that was a fun surprise. Almost like ordering fries and then finding some onion rings in your bag! 


Overall, really powerful song; I would definitely give this another listen. I absolutely recommend checking out this song and I look forward to seeing more music come out from Lives Lost! 

-written by: Ray Meoni



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