New Rock Album by Jax Diaries

Italian alternative rock band Jax Diaries just dropped their new album Riverside Motel and this seriously is so good! If you need something to get you through today, this is the album to crank up! 

I am not a big fan of this genre, however, this band does it right! This album has everything going for it that I love, it has breakdowns, solos, and two steps! Two steps were the big thing that got me hooked on some of these songs because it comes out of nowhere, just like in one of their songs “Nowhere” which will be a featured favorite of mine! Also as if I even needed to give you another reason to go check this album out, they have a song that features DD Lacuna of Lacuna Coil! 

Go check out this amazing band, you seriously won’t regret it! This will satisfy anyone who loves this genre! 


-written by: Ray Meoni 

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