New Nostalgia LP from Fortune Child


Fortune Child just released their new LP, “Close to the Sun”, which was produced by Kevin Elson, who has worked with the likes of Journey, Mr. Big, and more! Our team got to listen to the new LP, and we are absolutely digging it! The album opens with nostalgic heavy-hitter, “The Way”, which is reminiscent of classic 80s hair metal bands! Next up we have “Don’t Shoot Me Down”, which starts off with a slightly lighter, catchy riff, blending the vocals and instruments and again touching on that nostalgic feeling we all get from classic rock! Next up is “Far”, which immediately reminded me of early Alice Cooper, (anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Alice fan) so this was easily one of my instant favorites. The 4th track is “Slow Down”, which, contrary to the title, keeps up with the loud, heavy-hitting, in-your-face vibe! The 5th track is the slower, more melancholy sounding “Tie the Line”, reminiscent of later Bon Jovi(another favorite of mine). Following this, we have “Feet Down Low” which makes you wanna get up, rock, stomp, and wake up your neighbors. Next up is the seventh, and title track, “Close to the Sun”, which is perfect for summertime, the sound of the instruments mixed with the vocals just scream “summertime BBQ vibes” to me. Finally, last, but certainly not least, we have the lighter ending track, “Conscious”, which has a dreamy acoustic guitar riff, and a vocal sound that is familiar to that of Ben Burnley of Breaking Ben. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this LP, and I cannot wait to hear more from Fortune Child.

Check out the new LP, “Close to the Sun” HERE:

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