New Music Video by Transient

New Orleans metal band Transient just released the music video for their new song Goodbye and does this bring me back to those Stick To Your Guns days! 

What I like about this song is the grimeyness from the guitar, it just makes the song sound very raw, which is very pleasing to me. The smallish breakdowns and some of the lows the vocalist does give it a plus as well. The second the song kicked off, I feel like I went back in time to a 2012 Stick To Your Guns show. Everything about Transient reminds me of Stick To Your Guns which is super cool! 

Honestly, if you’re getting into the heavier genre, this is the perfect band to start with! Super dope band and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us! You can check out the music video for Goodbye below!  


-written by: Ray Meoni

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