New Music From Heavy Hitter, Jordan Sartor!

Local metal musician, Jordan Sartor, recently released a new EP, and our team got an exclusive listen! The title track, “Coma” has a music video to accompany it, and begins with the all too familiar, kickass, in your face instruments, performed by Sartor. Following this, the vocals kick in, and instantly, we can hear why he is a highly acclaimed musician within Central PA. The vocals accompany the music in ways that is sometimes unheard of, and/or lost within the realm of mixing. Not with Sartor. His multi-faceted talent shines through prominently, showing off his skills as an instrumentalist and a vocalist. The other tracks on this EP are, “The Entertainer”, “Scream”, “Overlord”, “Alpha ft. Taylor Barber”, “[FINE]”, and “Inachukia ft. Myke Terry”. All of these tracks also display Sartor’s incredible talent, and we cannot wait to hear more from him! But don’t just take our word for it, check out “COMA”, dropping everywhere January 7th, 2023!

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