New Heavy Album by King of Asgard

What a time to be alive, it’s 2021, and Nordic metal is still alive! Swedish Nordic band King of Asgard is releasing their 4th full-length album, Svartrviðr on May 28th! Svartrviðr translates to Black Wood in English. Now go mark down this date and go check this album out! 


One thing you need to know is that my love for Swedish death metal and black metal is strong, so of course, I am absolutely going to love this album! I grew up listening to bands like Venom, Mayhem, etc. Then when I heard the intro of the first song of this album, that took back to the time I first started listening to these bands. In all honesty, this album will more than likely be in my top 10 albums of the year. The first track called “frôðr” gives huge Mayhem vibes and after I just fell in love with every track right after another. 


If you never listened to this genre before, step out of your comfort zone and go check out an amazing band! Also if you are a long-time fan of this genre, then what are you waiting for? You need to check this band out and add another vinyl to that collection! You can listen to their new singles below!

-written by: Ray Meoni



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