New, Groovy Record from “Spud”!

Folk band Spud just released their debut album, “Lonesome Nights and Satellites”. I first heard of this band way back in college in 2018, I even got to see them play live a couple of times. Each time, I was blown away, much like I was with this record. This record, breaks down barriers of genres, and is very reminiscent of a band close to my heart, Grateful Dead. The trippy, psychedelic feel, mixed with folk, Americana, and country roots, makes this the perfect mix of badass, reminiscent of the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, CCR, and more. The interesting thing about this record is how they can blend those genres together, transport you back to the 60s rock vibe, and tell a story all in one. I’ve never heard a more unique, beautiful record, that can blend those three thing’s together. As someone who has always been drawn to the hippie, psychedelic rock movement of the 60s, this record certainly hits the nail right on the head.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the record, and can’t wait to hear more from Spud!

Check out their latest release, “Lonesome Nights and Satellites” here:

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